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      How to Register

BY PHONE:    718.832.0018
IN PERSON:  at the BAX reception desk
ONLINE REGISTRATION: See  the “Online Registration- How To” (below)

Families applying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE may NOT register online. For more information, click HERE.

Levels I, II and hybrid I/II classes are organized by discrete age brackets and are open to students with a range of prior experience. These classes closely consider age appropriate physical, emotional and social development.

Levels III, IV, Performance Workshops and youth companies serve wider ranges and assume more prior experience, greater technical and improvisation skills and commitment. By level III and up, students often stay in a given level for more than on year.

Please contact the Education Department for guidance about how to navigate classes and/or levels

      Online Registration- How To

Please note: If you are registering for more than one class and are therefore eligible for the “family value” discount, the online platform will automatically register this discount in your session. If, however, you register for an additional class in a separate online session, the online platform cannot automatically combine this new registration with your other registrations (nor will it account for other possible discounts. Please see “Tuition Fees & Discounts” below). In such instances, to make sure that you do receive the full discount that you are eligible for please call (718) 832-0018 and complete your registration over the phone. Alternatively, you can continue with the online registration process and the discount will automatically be credited to your account, towards either a balance due or towards future use.

1. Click “Sign up” under the title of the class you are registering for.
2. Enter your child’s information into the space provided.
3. Enter guardians’ contact information. Please include as much information as possible.
4. Review your class selection to confirm it is correct.
5. Select “Check Out and Pay in Full,” OR “Check Out and Pay Half” to complete your registration. Payment of at least half is required to hold your spot in any class or program. Please pay close attention to when full payment is due, outlined in “Rates & Policies” (below).

At any point during your registration, you may add another class to your cart by scrolling down and clicking “Sign up” to additionally select that class.

Annual Family Registration Fee: This $35 fee is assessed annually per family (e.g. fall 2015 and again in fall 2016); registration fee does not apply to President’s or Spring Break Arts Programs.
You will be invoiced for any outstanding balances or registration fees assessed. Please call (718) 832-0018 or email info@bax.org with any questions.

Families applying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE may NOT register online. For more information, click HERE.

      Rates & Policies

A payment of at least 1/2 tuition is required to reserve a spot in any youth class. The remainder of the tuition is due by the 5th week of the semester (unless a payment plan has been arranged).To arrange a payment plan, see information on Financial Assistance HERE.

Prior to the 3rd class of a trimester and the 5th class of a semester, class tuition is refundable minus classes reserved/taken. There are no refunds after the 3rd class of a trimester or the 5th class of a semester. A credit may be applied to future registration.Drops must occur 48 hours prior to the reserved class.

Due to absences or late registration, each student is allowed to take 2 make-up classes each trimester or 4 make-up classes each semester within the same term in an equivalent, age appropriate class (space permitting). We do not pro-rate tuition.

A free trial class is available to new students, through the 3rd week of the trimester and the 5th week of the semester (space permitting). Upon registration, the cost of the trial class will be included in the tuition. Contact info@bax.org to schedule a trial. Trial registrations do not hold space for the full duration of the term.

Families applying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE may NOT register online. For more information, click HERE.

      Tuition Fees & Discounts

Yearly Family Registration Fee: This $35 fee is assessed annually per family (e.g. fall 2015 and again in fall 2016); registration fee does not apply to President’s or Spring Break Arts Programs.

Family Value: Families who register their child in a second class, or another sibling in the same term, receive 5% off each additional class (note, discount is applied to the lowest priced class(es)).

Performance Workshop Discount: PW Students receive 15% off additional class (not including BAXco)

Playspace Class Cards: BAX offers class cards for drop-in Playspace classes. Families can purchase a 10 class card for $80. Class cards are valid for 1 year.* Playspace included for free with Move & Groove registration.

Park Slope Parents Members: PSP Members receive 5% off tuition (excluding registration fee and school break programs). Members must request this discount at the time of registration and be prepared to show membership card to registration desk upon request.

Families applying for FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE may NOT register online. For more information, click HERE.

Spring Semester (Monday, January 28, 2019 to Saturday, June 15, 2019)

Did you know BAX offers After School Pick Up? Click HERE to learn more. 

Registration is now open for Spring 2019!

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Class Selections

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Modern IV
Modern IV
While expanding on the technique and form of modern dance introduced in Modern III, the Modern IV class deepens students' understanding of Time, Shape, Space, Force, and the Body in movement. Students further develop their strength, flexibility, balance, and line in structured warm-ups and floor work, and learn more advanced phrases and movement combinations. Repeated dance phrases week-to-week provide a framework for development in technique, and performance, and also allow for opportunities to break the repertory down and build it back up in the students' own way. Students are encouraged to express themselves in solo, duet, and group choreography projects. The class allows for the observation and reflection on the creative choice and performance of peer work, while creating a group dynamic that is supportive of each student as artists-in-process. This class is designed for students who have completed Modern III or the equivalent. Read more about Dance at BAX
Ages 9-12     Diane TomasiPrice: $408
Dance Performance Workshop I (DPW I)
Dance Performance Workshop I (DPW I)
Dance Performance Workshops (DPWs) are full-year programs intended for motivated young people (ages 9-17) who are ready to commit to comprehensive dance study that encapsulates the totality of an artist-in-process as dancer, performer, collaborator, creator, and observer. The workshop encourages the young artist to work creatively both independently and in collaboration with peers, while honing and deepening skills in technique, performance, improvisation, partnering, and developing original choreography. Admission is by invitation. Read more about Performance Workshops at BAX
Ages 9-12   * invitation only   Maira DuartePrice: Call
Drag Performance
Drag Performance
In this class, students will delve into the unique and increasingly popular art form that is drag performance. Students will learn about drag performances rich cultural history and roots in queer performance traditions. Discussing and dismantling gender archetypes, students will create a more expansive and empowered gender framework using dramatic play, clowning, lip sync, as well as basic costumes, fashion, make-up, and props. This is an inclusive and all drag performance class, including Queens, Kings, and in-betweens. Students of all gender identities are welcome.
Ages 8-11     Kelindah SchusterPrice: $368
AcroBAX I, formerly Tumbling Performance Workshop, is one of BAX's most advanced tumbling classes, newly established in fall 2013 to accommodate Tumbling level II and III students who are aging out and eager to hone their technical tumbling, partner acrobatic, and dance skills. In the year-long Performance Workshop program, students further integrate tumbling, performance, and improvisation skills, while also exploring group-d...Read more about Performance Workshops at BAX
Ages 9-12   * invitation only   Diane TomasiPrice: 0
Physical Theater II
Physical Theater II
This class offers a deeper exploration and experimentation with the skills and approaches of Physical Theater I with more of a focus on performance structures. What kind of a story do we want to tell and how can we tell it differently? We will use tableau, dance, group movement, and characterization in the creation of a performance. Read more about Drama at BAX
Ages 9-12     Billy SchultzPrice: $440
Modern Technique
Modern Technique
The Modern Technique I & II class is based in the fundamentals of modern dance technique (connectivity, spatial and body awareness, weight sharing, rhythm and musicality) and honing the dancers body as her/his instrument for artistic expression. It is taught on a semester basis by Guest Artists, professional working dancers and choreographers. At the Modern Technique I & II (intermediate & advanced levels), students have already been introduced to modern technique and building on these fundamentals, focus on alignment, intention and quality of movement, sequencing and longer phrase-work.This is class is required for students in DPW level II (Modern Technique I) and level III (Modern Technique II), in addition to their weekly workshop class.
Ages 11-15   Prerequisite Experience Required   J. BoueyPrice: $432
Hip Hop III - FULL
Hip Hop III - FULL
BAX Hip Hop Dance is a high-energy technique class that combines energy, rhythm, groove, individuality, and originality with contemporary dance techniques. Students learn basic techniques like house, top rock, up rock, and freezes. As students develop, they have opportunities to create funky patterns and original variations on learned combinations and, ultimately, choreograph their own movement sequences based within the parameters of the form. Students also deepen their knowledge of historic vocabulary by relating this form to other social Africanist dance forms like swing, jazz, and soul line dancing. Age-appropriate hip-hop and pop music is used. In this class, students expand upon the fundamentals of house, basic grooves, tutting and learned choreography and build a deeper understanding of musicality and stylized choreography. Students create original choreography as well as learn hip hop vocabulary and history. They will also learn how to give and receive peer feedback. Each class will end with a high energy freestyle circle in which the students will be given the chance to explore their personal voice as dancers while combining the techniques and fundamentals learned throughout the class.
Ages 9-12     Skye MontantePrice: 0
Tumbling IV
Tumbling IV
This class is an important precursor and/or technical complement to the AcroBAX performance workshops for students interested in exploring the world of inverted and multidimensional movement. Students develop balance, strength, and flexibility skills, while learning to support their own weight with handstands, headstands and arm stands. Working as a close community, students also begin creating elements of original choreography drawing on a unique blend of dance and gymnastic movement. Read more about Tumbling at BAX
Ages 9-12     Tamika Charles-SimsPrice: $434
Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance
Contemporary Dance is a choreography based movement class that pulls from modern, jazz, ballet, and hip hop traditions. Students combine different contemporary dance techniques across European and Africanist traditions while mastering choreography phrases. Students focus intensively on floor work, honing their own personal style, developing skills such as musical awareness and release technique.
Ages 11+     Skye MontantePrice: $408
Dance, Act, Sing Musical Theater II
Dance, Act, Sing Musical Theater II
For the performer who loves to sing and dance! This playful workshop guides students through the three fundamental facets of musical theater: acting, singing, and dancing. In a relaxed and imaginative environment, students explore all three disciplines and rehearse musical numbers, both score and script, from Broadway favorites to original creations. As students advance, they work on character roles, develop scenes, sing songs, and create choreography independently and in small groups. Read more about Drama at BAX
Ages 10-15     Kevin CarilloPrice: $312


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