Spring Break – Full Day Master Classes

Spring Break Masterclass

BAX’s day-long intensive master classes provide young artists (ages 10-14) with an opportunity to explore BAX’s signature Theater, Modern Dance, and AcroBAX tumbling programs during Spring Break.

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2020 Spring Break Master Classes,
coming the first week in December!

Learn more by checking out the 2019 program details below:

Over the course of the day, students will work closely with two BAX master teachers in an intimate class size while utilizing BAX’s theater and a second studio space. For the first part of the day, students work on fundamental technical skills and explore a broad range of performance traditions. During the second part of the day, students will work in collaboration to develop original composition. Bringing together their technical skills and improvisation skills, they will culminate the day by sharing a customized project of their own design in small group performances.

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Students are expected to have a strong interest in the discipline and/or prior experience.

Details for 2019 Master Classes are below:

Tuesday, April 23rd

Wednesday, April 24th

Thursday, April 25th

Taught by Donna Costello and Maira DuarteTaught by Tamika Charles-Sims and Helen TocciTaught by Kate Bell and Julia Cavagna
This Modern Dance master class will provide young artists with an intimate space to explore movement ideas, patterns and dynamics like “swinging," “shaping,” "momentum," "weight" and "gesture" by experiencing them through technical form, phrase work, improvisation and choreographic exercises. The class will also look at these movement ideas through the lens of recorded historic and contemporary dance works. From this rich and embodied research, dancers will create a physical vocabulary as inspiration to develop their own original solos, duets and small group work. These works-in-progress will be shared with one another to introduce performance and reflection within the creative process. This lively, multidimensional AcroBAX master class will explore tumbling, inversions, creative partner and group acrobatics, and contemporary dance, as well as improvisation and choreography skills. Students will have the time and space to dive deep into tumbling technique and learn new skills. They will have their world turned upside down as they train different kinds of inversions. Their strength and collaborative skills will be tested as they work on gravity defying partner acrobatics. And they will have the opportunity to be a part of a unique creative process - creating individual solos, duets and group collaborations. The day will culminate with a showing of the students’ original work, bringing together the knowledge gathered throughout the workshop including tumbling skills, musicality, partnering and exciting AcroBax choreography.
This devised theater master class invites young artists to think about the everyday radical act of creating something out of nothing. We will use drama to explore the theme of “Changing Self/Changing World.” What do you want to change about yourself? What do you want to change in the world around you? Using devising techniques including improvisation, directing, and playwriting, students will create and perform a new theater piece all in one day, challenging themselves and their audience to ponder our desire and resistance to change.

Daily Schedule

8:30 AM – Drop Off Begins

9:00 AM – Master Class Begins

12:00 PM – Lunch Break (Students should pack their lunch.)

3:00 PM – Master Class Ends

Extended Day  programming is available to accommodate pick-up as late as 5:45 PM. This programming is part of our Spring Break Arts Program, which will be occurring simultaneously for students in grades K-5th.

Registration and Fees

Master Class Fee: $125 per day

Extended Day Fee: $20 per day (Program runs 3:00-5:45pm, but students can be picked up at any time. Must be reserved at least 24 hours in advance; limited space available.)

Cancellations or changes made on or before Saturday, April 6, 2019,  will be accepted and refunded minus a flat $35 cancellation fee.

Cancellations after Saturday, April 6, 2019, will incur a late cancellation fee of $35/day, provided BAX can fill the spot with a full-paying student. If the spot cannot be filled, all tuition will be forfeited.

To Register or For More Information:

Call 718-832-0018 / Email info@bax.org / Visit BAX at 421 5th Ave.