Virtual Birthday Parties

BAX Virtual Birthday Parties

Celebrate your child’s special day with a BAX Virtual Birthday Party, and give them the gift of engaging and exploratory play with their friends! 

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BAX Virtual Birthday Parties unlock the magic in each child’s home and help them discover creative new ways to feel engaged – and will leave you with plenty of “go further” activities so the at-home party fun can continue for the whole family! Ready to book? Email party@bax.org

When you book a BAX Virtual Birthday Party we pair you with energetic, experienced BAX teaching artists who will work with you to create customized activities for your child’s party. All teaching artists specialize in dance, theater, tumbling, or circus, and are full of ideas for fun party plans specifically crafted for a virtual format. In addition to teaching artist(s), our Virtual Party Package provides the convenience of one additional BAX staff member as an invisible technological administrator for the duration of the party. 

In a time where we rely on virtual socialization, our teaching artists’ facilitation will get your little one moving and grooving, and open the door for your child and their friends to connect with each other through innovative, embodied activities!

Logistics and Pricing

You have the choice to structure your party with 1 or 2 teaching artists.* 

1 Teaching Artist Parties:

If you choose 1 teaching artist, you will be guided through an exploration of your own special home, and maybe even find some hidden treasure! 

→ 1 Teaching Artist for 1.25 hours = $300

2 Teaching Artist Parties:

Our parties with 2 teaching artists afford the opportunity for Zoom breakout rooms, a feature that allows your birthday child and guests to experience more intimate and detailed activities in smaller groups with the BAX teaching artist. 

→ 2 Teaching Artists for 1.25 hours = $450

*With more than 15 guests, we recommend our parties with 2 teaching artists so that everyone receives some individualized attention, and this is especially true for parties for very young children (2-5 years old).

Whichever package you choose, let our teaching artists do all the work while your child enjoys an engaging and playful social experience! But, caregivers should please expect to be available during the party to support children as needed and to ensure safety. Ready to book? Email party@bax.org

Your BAX Virtual Birthday Party Package includes…

    • Signature BAX Virtual Birthday Party for 1.25 hours administered by BAX staff, 
    • 1-2 Teaching Artist(s) for duration of the party,
    • One additional BAX staff member as party greeter in the waiting room, invisible for the duration as admin support, 
    • An activity/coloring page Goody Bag for all guests, sent via email, and 
    • A BAX Virtual Studio Class Package Goody Bag, including 9 pre-recorded class videos, for the whole family of the birthday child to enjoy! 

Ready to book? Email party@bax.org

Hear our testimonials!

Amaya: “I had an awesome, great, wonderful birthday!”
“Thanks for having us! That was so fun!!!”
“L had a great time!”
During the party: “P just popped out of her room (in a different dress) and said, “this is fun!”

Ready to book? Email party@bax.org