Teen Arts Conference

The Teen Arts Conference will be on hiatus for 2020.  TAC is one of our favorite programs and favorite days of the year so this decision did not come easily. For a few years our staff has been imagining ways to re-calibrate the conference to further diversify its programming and schedule — especially towards better realizing BAX’s potential for artistic exchanges to take place across all ages and stages. To do this, we need time, space, and a chance to experiment with some new programming ideas.  To that end, please SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, March 29, 2020 for a full day of intergenerational workshops, interactive exchanges, professional development, and performance. More details will come your way in the new year!

To learn more about the Teen Arts Conference, please see below for the program information from 2019.



Pizza for The Teen Arts Conference was provided by Two Boots in Park Slope.
BAX thanks Two Boots for their generosity and partnership.