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Tumbling/AcroDance at BAX encapsulates a number of physical skills and movement techniques from yoga, modern dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics.  Each young artist is given tools to grow technically and to explore the boundaries of what their bodies can do.  The classes use concepts of time, space, shape, and form to engage each young artist and empower her/him to find new ideas through tumbling and movement.

Our teaching artists draw on their diverse experiences in the field as aerialists, dancers, and choreographers to bring out each student’s unique voice while emphasizing personal strength, form, alignment, and physicality aligned with their age and experience.  Individual and communal creativity is highlighted in compositional exercises and through the collaborative process.

Tumbling/AcroDance Classes

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While we may not be offering all of the following classes in Fall 2020, see below for information on BAX’s full scope of programming.

Tumble Jumble (Ages 4-5)Drawing from yoga to gymnastics exercises, this class explores basic locomotive and body coordination skills. Students learn forward rolls, logrolls, bear and crab walks, skip, chase and gallop, and engage in basic stretching and strength work. This playful class allows the student to work independently and in a lively group dynamic.View Schedule & Register
(Ages 5-6)
Using exercises from yoga to gymnastics, this class supports fundamental motor skills and challenges students in their beginning stages of development. Making transitions, taking turns and working as a group are regular social skills addressed in this lively joyful class. Students learn backward and forward rolls, logrolls, somersaults, headstands, and the basics of balancing, all while honing body strength.View Schedule & Register
(Ages 7-8)
Through yoga, gymnastics, and dance/movement techniques, students support their own weight in new ways with handstands, headstands and arm stands, explore balances and lifts alone and with partners, and learn tumbling sequences of rolling and flipping. This class builds strength and flexibility. It also builds self-confidence as students become increasingly self-aware and explore what is possible with their own bodies. As the year progresses, students learn walkovers, bridges, and handsprings, and continue with more advanced partner acrobatics. Students begin to manipulate props and collaborate to create original images, structures, and sequences.View Schedule & Register
(Ages 8-10)
Drawing on techniques in yoga, gymnastics, dance, and acrobatics, students explore ways to support their own weight with handstands, headstands and arm stands, as well as create reversed inversions such as arching and bridging. Building on Tumbling/AcroDance (Ages 7-8), students continue to explore balances and lifts alone and with partners, and learn tumbling sequences of rolling and flipping. Using imagery, sound and concepts, students are encouraged to build on their individual and partner work to create sequences and make choreographic choices in a collaborative environment. As the year progresses, performing, observing, and reflecting with one another becomes a part of the tumbling practice.
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(Ages 9-12)
This class is an important precursor and/or technical complement to the AcroBAX performance workshops for students interested in exploring the world of inverted and multidimensional movement. Students develop balance, strength, and flexibility skills, while learning to support their own weight with handstands, headstands and arm stands. Working as a close community, students also begin creating elements of original choreography drawing on a unique blend of dance and gymnastic movement.
This class requires prerequisite experience. For more information, please contact the Education Department.
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Our progression of Tumbling/AcroDance classes culminates in a series of truly exceptional programs for our most motivated senior students (ages 9-18). To learn more about our full-year AcroBAX classes CLICK HERE.