Financial Aid

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BAX is a nonprofit organization committed to providing high-quality accessible arts education programming to all families regardless of financial means. We provide financial assistance in the form of  tuition subsidies and/or installment plans for our Youth Education Classes (ages 1-18) and our School Breaks & Summer Arts Programs based on an honor system of your self-expressed need. We do not require financial documentation.  

By making an offer of financial assistance, BAX is making a significant commitment to your family, and we expect that your family is likewise making a commitment to BAX and to your child’s full participation. Financial assistance families are periodically asked to volunteer for projects, bake sales, and special events.  

BAX has long been committed to accessibility to our high-quality arts programming through a robust financial assistance program. As the effects of COVID-19 have shifted our programming capacity, they have in turn shifted our financial capacity. We are taking steps to continue in our mission of accessibility, and ask you to please take the time to review the following changes. We understand and firmly believe that now, more than ever, the arts need to remain accessible to all communities. Please feel free to contact info@bax.org with any questions.

Youth Education and Early Childhood Classes

Winter 2021 Virtual Studio Classes:

For all BAX Winter 2021 Virtual Studio Classes, our tuition is priced at three tiers of sliding scale subsidies of up to 40% so that each family can assess the price that works best for their household. These subsidies are based on an honor system of your-expressed-need (we do not require financial documentation). Additionally, you have the opportunity to enroll in a personalized payment plan. Click here to register with a subsidy of up to 40% through the online portal Active.

To be considered for financial assistance beyond 40%, or to request a deposit of less than 50%, please fill out this Financial Assistance Inquiry Form. We will review requests on a rolling basis, and will be in communication if we are able to extend additional aid. Please understand that due to the impact of the pandemic, our ability to offer additional financial assistance has been reduced. If you have any questions regarding these updates, please feel free to reach out to Aviya at aviya@bax.org

2020/2021 Performance Workshop Classes:

Prorated rates are available for students who enroll in Performance Workshops after the start of the term. Email ashley@bax.org to learn more. 

As we have adapted our Performance Workshops to have higher compatibility with a virtual platform, we have also adjusted our pricing. DPW XX, AcroBAX I, and AcroBAX II are priced at $1,640. DPW III is priced at $2,400. In order to register, you will be required to put down a 25% deposit. All families will have the opportunity to self-enroll in flexible, year-long payment plans. In addition, we are pleased to offer a 5% discount for families enrolling in more than one Performance Workshop. 

If you would like to be considered for financial assistance for a Performance Workshop, please fill out this Financial Assistance Inquiry Form. We accept applications on a rolling basis and will be in communication if we are able to extend additional aid. If you have any questions regarding this change, please feel free to reach out to Aviya at aviya@bax.org 

Applications will be handled on a First Come/ First Serve Basis, and we will be in touch with you should assistance become available. 

Información del Invierno 2021

Favor de notar que debido al impacto de la pandemia, nuestra capacidad para proveer asistencia financiera ha sido afectada significativamente. Urgimos que las familias se inscriban dentro de las categorías de subsidio hasta el 40%, disponibles públicamente.

Sin embargo, mientras evaluamos la inscripción y capacidad de las clases, estamos felices de recibir solicitudes por más asistencia. Aceptamos las aplicaciones durante todo el término y le contactaremos si podemos ofrecerle asistencia adicional. Si no podemos cumplir su solicitud en este momento, continuaremos evaluando nuestra capacidad y le guardaremos una anotación de la solicitud, si usted lo quisiera. Mantenemos el reto de realizar las solicitudes como/cuando sea posible.

BAX está comprometido a ofrecer programas de alta calidad y accesibles para todos. Como tal, el costo de las Clases Virtual del Invierno está especificado en tres categorías, ofreciendo subsidios hasta el 40% para que cada familia pueda evaluar el costo que le convenga más. Esto está basado en un sistema de confianza en la necesidad que usted exprese (no requerimos documentación financiera). Al pagar lo que usted puede, nos ayuda a cumplir también con las necesidades de otras familias. Haga click AQUÍ para registrarse en línea.

Si usted quisiera ser considerada/o por un subsidio de más del 40%, favor de llenar este Formulario de Preguntar por la Asistencia Financiera. Aceptamos las aplicaciones durante todo el término y le contactaremos si podamos ofrecerle asistencia adicional.  

El registro se pasará conforme como los formularios vayan llegando. Por las clases, la mitad de la matrícula se debe para garantizar un cupo. Para los Talleres de Performance, se debe un cuarto de la matrícula para garantizar un cupo. 

Contacte a Aviya a aviya@bax.org con preguntas.

School Breaks Arts Programs 2022: Presidents’ Week, Spring Break, & Master Classes

Details for School Breaks Arts Programs 2022 TBA.

Summer Arts Program 2021

BAX is committed to offering high-quality and accessible arts programs for all. As such, our 2021 Summer Arts Program tuition is priced at three tiers, which includes sliding scale subsidies so that each family can assess the price that works best for their household. This is based on an honor system of your-expressed-need (we do not require financial documentation). Installment plans are available, and you can elect to enroll in one during online registration. By paying what you are able, you help us better meet the needs of other families.

Click HERE to register via the three public tiers online. 

At this time, we do not have financial assistance available beyond the tiered pricing listed above. You are welcome to submit a request for additional financial assistance which we will take under consideration if our capacity changes and we are able to extend greater aid. To make a request, please fill out a request form online HERE. Please note that submission of a request form does not guarantee an offer of additional financial assistance.


Donate to the Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund 

If you would like to make a contribution towards The Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund, please contact Vanessa Adato, Senior Finance and Development Director, at Vanessa@bax.org or (718) 832-0018 or visit www.bax.org/support


BAX celebrates its 25th anniversary with the launch of a new initiative: The Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund that will double the amount of our scholarships that support young artists to $100,000.

Dani Athena Nikas was a dancer, choreographer, and a treasured BAX faculty member. Before she died in 2001 she spoke passionately about how important dance and young people were to her. Dani provided a truly meaningful learning process for her students that went far beyond dance. Totally in sync with BAX values, she incorporated politics, relationships, history and spirituality throughout her life and work. She was an inspiration to her colleagues, her students and her friends. She would be very proud and honored to know that part of her legacy lives on and would be especially pleased to know that financial hardship would not be an obstacle.

At BAX, and with Dani as our inspiration, we are committed to raising a generation of people who are unafraid to ask tough questions about race, class, gender, identity and justice and create boldly. And we need them to do so with understanding, with complexity, with openness, and with love. That is what drives us all at BAX. So for us — and we hope for you — it all starts with supporting young artists.

Ilene Blackman Education Fund

Donate to the Ilene Blackman Education Fund online HERE.

BAX is pleased to announce the establishment of the Ilene Blackman Education Fund to benefit educational initiatives at BAX.  As part of BAX’s mission and 30-year history of making high-quality arts education accessible to all – we are delighted to establish this fund to honor the memory of Ilene Blackman.

Independence and perseverance were fundamental pillars of Ilene Blackman’s being.

After studying ballet in Steubenville, Ohio and then in Miami Beach, Ilene moved to NYC at 18 to pursue her dream of dancing on Broadway. Once in New York, she continued to study ballet and acting, auditioned tenaciously, and was cast in numerous shows. She toured with West Side Story, graced the stage with the Alvin Ailey Dance Company, and performed on Broadway in Tyrone Guthrie’s Gideon.

After marrying and moving to Vermont with her husband and two young sons, Ilene continued in the arts she loved, founding a local professional theatre company and opening up her own dance studio. In teaching ballet, Ilene found a satisfying creative outlet and a deep joy. She nurtured her students with grace, a sense of discipline that came with her deep respect for the craft, and a level of kindness and care that the world needs now more than ever.

While teaching in Rutland, Vermont for nearly 50 years, Ilene continued her acting career by traveling to New York to appear in countless TV and feature film roles. She continued to teach while battling cancer and only stopped when COVID-19 lockdowns forced it. Ilene passed away on April 26, 2020.

Throughout her life, Ilene’s unique style came alive with her wardrobe, which crossed genres and mirrored her personality by breaking the rules in surprising ways. It is only fitting that the consignment of her wardrobe would be the impetus for a scholarship fund to help young dancers pursue their dreams.

The Ilene Blackman Education Fund celebrates her life but, more importantly, celebrates the arts that shaped her life and to which she gave so much of her positive energy.