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Drama at BAX emphasizes face, body, and voice work through creative play, including improvisational games, embodied storytelling, devising as an ensemble and performance.

Drama/Theater Classes

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While we may not be offering all of the following classes in Fall 2020, see below for information on BAX’s full scope of programming.

Drama Rama (Ages 5-6)In this playful setting, young students enjoy creative play, imagination, and the process of working collectively. Students explore their bodies by experimenting with different shapes, sizes, and levels and explore emotionality through embodied story-telling, dynamic facial expressions, and physical transformations. Each class, students work in partnership and/or as an ensemble through mirroring games, breathing exercises, and group devising and reflection. Performance helps to build a sense of teamwork, taking turns, and harnessing individual energy for group fun.View Schedule & Register
Drama Rama (Ages 6-8)Building on the Drama Rama I class experience, students continue to experiment physical and vocal exercises through focused play. Students expand their improvisational skills to include more pantomime, confident vocal projection and articulation, prop and costume fun, and amplified gestures. Through short ongoing projects, students work together to create original and adapted scenes through improvisation, which they rehearse and perform. Working in an ensemble capacity, students engage in active listening, reflection, and creative problem solving. View Schedule & Register
NEW! Bilingual (Spanish-English) Drama Rama (Ages 6-8) In this Drama Rama class, students experiment with physical and vocal exercises as well as different story-telling devices through focused play in both Spanish and English. Students build improvisation and devising skills including pantomime, prop and costume fun, and amplified gestures. Inspired by Spanish/English short stories, fables, plays, and more, students work together to create short original and adapted scenes, which they rehearse and perform. Working in an ensemble, students engage in active listening, reflection, and creative problem solving.View Schedule & Register
Physical Theater (Ages 7-9)Physical Theater has become an increasing practice in the theater world and is a critical part of actor training. Drawing on tumbling, dance, comedy, and mime traditions, Physical Theater I offers students a playful environment to explore and experiment with characters, imaginative & real scenes, morals/allegories, creative impulses and relationships. Students tell embodied stories and perform theatrical experiments with an emphasis on clarity of voice, expression, physical gestures and scale, and audience awareness. We will ask: What does my character look like? What does my character think about? What does the character want? How does this character work with others? What can we make together? View Schedule & Register
Physical Theater (Ages 10+) This class offers a deeper exploration and experimentation with the skills and approaches of Physical Theater (Ages 7-9) with more of a focus on performance structures. What kind of a story do we want to tell and how can we tell it differently? We will use tableau, dance, group movement, and characterization in the creation of a performance. View Schedule & Register
Dance, Act, Sing Ensemble (Ages 7-9) & (Ages 10-15)For the performer who loves to sing and dance! This playful workshop guides students through the three fundamental facets of musical theater: acting, singing, and dancing. In a relaxed and imaginative environment, students explore all three disciplines and rehearse musical numbers, both score and script, from Broadway favorites to original creations. As students advance, they work on character roles, develop scenes, sing songs, and create choreography independently and in small groups.View Schedule & Register
Circus Arts
(Ages 6-8 and 8-10)
Drawing on contemporary circus traditions and props, students work independently and as an ensemble to develop unique circus styles and characters. Students will exercise coordination skills through juggling and object manipulation using such props as diabolos, scarves, and feathers while improving their body awareness and ability to work as part of a team. View Schedule & Register

Drag Performance (Ages 8-11)
In this class, students will delve into the unique and increasingly popular art form that is drag performance. Students will learn about drag performance’s rich cultural history and roots in queer performance traditions. Discussing and dismantling gender archetypes, students will create a more expansive and empowered gender framework using dramatic play, clowning, lip sync, as well as basic costumes, fashion, make-up, and props. This is an inclusive and all drag performance class, including Queens, Kings, and in-betweens. Students of all gender identities are welcome.View Schedule & Register
NEW! Object Theater and Puppetry (Ages 7-9)BAX's new Object Theater and Puppetry class taught by Emily Batsford will give students an opportunity to bring everyday objects to life! Actors will use their bodies, voices, imaginations, to activate objects and explore theatrical concepts, including: improvisation, character, environment, storytelling, and pantomime. In addition, students will develop their skills as puppeteers, working together to create and activate several puppets across the session.View Schedule & Register

 Our progression of drama classes culminates in a unique, collaborative, theater-making and performance program for our most motivated senior students (ages 9-18). To learn more about our full-year BAX Theater Company CLICK HERE.