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After School Pick Up (ASPU) at BAX


COVID-19 Update re: ASPU:
BAX will not be offering ASPU for the Fall 2020 term, as all BAX Fall 2020 term classes will take place virtually.
To learn more about the program, see details below:

About BAX After School Pick Up (ASPU):

We currently offer an After School Pick Up service from local public schools to BAX. A member of the BAX After School Pick Up Team (made up of BAX staff, faculty, and interns) will meet your child at dismissal time at their school and escort them to the BAX Building for their after school studio class(es). Once at BAX, students can do homework and/or participate in activities such as coloring, word searches, and board games in one of BAX’s studios. A light snack is given to each student upon their arrival at BAX. If your child requires a more substantive snack or meal, families should pack this for their child. We do not stop for snacks or to purchase food along the way.

Spring 2020 Proposed ASPU Schedule:

PS 118
PS 118
PS 118PS 118PS 118
PS 39
(one spot left!)
PS 39
PS 39PS 39PS 39
(one spot left!)
Brooklyn New School
(one spot left!)

Brooklyn New SchoolBrooklyn New School

Brooklyn New School
Brooklyn New School
PS 321
PS 321PS 321
Schedule as of 01/24/2020

BAX offer an excellent 6:1 child to adult ratio to ensure the quality and safety of our ASPU experience. Therefore, we can only commit to as many after school pick-ups as we have the staff resources to accommodate. See below for the proposed ASPU schedule for Spring 2020 (to be confirmed by January 24th 2020). Families are welcome to make requests for schools/days not listed on this schedule, which we will try our best to accommodate based on staff resources and student enrollment permitting. With the exception of our long-time partner school BNS / PS 146, we are only able to serve schools within easy walking distance of BAX. This schedule is contingent on sufficient student enrollment and staff availability. A minimum of three students (and a maximum of six) is needed to confirm a day of pick up at a particular school. We also consider a range of factors including, but not limited to, student age and wait-times at BAX before class when determining the suitability and sustainability of any pick-up arrangement.

BAX does NOT pick up before the regularly scheduled school dismissal time (early dismissal days, parent/teacher conferences). We follow the Department of Education’s calendar including holidays, school breaks, etc. You are expected to communicate any unique school closed or early dismissal days specific to your child(ren)’s school to the BAX Education Department (ashley@bax.org).

A pick up is NOT confirmed until you have received an explicit email confirmation and a contract from BAX’s Education Department. BAX will confirm pick-up requests in advance of the start of Fall classes. Once your ASPU is confirmed, you will receive an ASPU Contract, including a Travel Permission, which must be signed and returned 48 hours before your child(ren)’s first pick up. 

Currently enrolled families must submit a new application for the new school year ahead and a renewal form for the spring term. 

ASPU Info Session: Saturday, September 7th from 2:00-3:00pm

Learn more about BAX’s After School Pick Up service and meet some of our After School Pick Up team during BAX’s Fall Open House! This session is for both currently enrolled families* and families who want to learn more about BAX’s After School Pick Up service.

*Currently enrolled families must submit a new application for Fall 2019

ASPU Student Orientation:

During the first week of pick up, students in ASPU will participate in ASPU Orientations with the ASPU team to get to know each other, the BAX staff, and to establish community agreements. Additionally, students will tour the BAX space and get familiar with the procedures of ASPU. 

ASPU Family Meetings:

After the first few weeks of the term, participating families will be invited to attend ASPU family meetings to learn more about the fall program and get feedback about group dynamics as well as ask any questions.

2019-2020 ASPU Semester Rates:

$150 per child for weekly pick up for the duration of the BAX semester.

(Rates may be adjusted due to special circumstances concerning location of school, etc.)
Financial Aid can be applied to After School Pick-Up services.

Learn more about financial assistance at BAX.

ASPU Philosophy of Caretaking:

Whether you are new to BAX After School Pick Up, or are a long time participant, please know that community and well-being are central priorities in all that we do in BAX Youth Education, including the physical, social, and emotional health of our students. We practice radical hospitality and strive to go beyond the promise of welcoming children and families into the BAX home to meet people where they are. The success of this practice hinges upon cultivating reciprocal relationships. And just as we aim to meet our students with respect and kindness, we expect BAX students to be mindful and caring of our space, faculty, and staff. Specifically, this includes showing respect for BAX teacher and ASPU facilitator voices, class cultures and lessons, and physical boundaries (both peoples’ bodies and the building’s spaces). To succeed in this work, we believe strongly in our parent/caregiver partnerships and that continuous dialogue ensures that our students have the most successful and healthy experience possible at BAX. Through this collective care-taking, we hope to reinforce more mutual and genuine exchanges, creativity, and FUN together!

(as of 09/11/2020)