COVID-19 UPDATE FROM BAX (3/24/2020):
 Signature BAX Youth classes and Performance Workshops will be available online through our “Virtual Studio” beginning the week of March 30. Playspace and Move & Groove classes are CANCELLED for the remainder of the 2019/20 season. The BAX Building will be closed until at least Monday, April 20
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Taught by professionally trained faculty, BAX Youth Education classes provide expert instruction in building technical skills in Dance, Drama/Theater, and Tumbling/AcroDance. BAX students develop improvisation, original composition, and performance skills, while working independently and in collaboration. At the end of the fall and spring terms, our student concerts showcase original class work in the BAX Theater. The concerts serve as an exciting and important opportunity for all our students to experience being on stage and practice the art of performance.Our classes are developmentally appropriate and ensure that each child is challenged and supported.

Please contact the Education Department for guidance about how to navigate classes and/or class levels.

Spring 2020 and Winter 2020 Early Childhood Season
(12 months- 4 years)

Winter: Thursday, January 2 to Saturday, March 28, 2020. Spring: Monday, March 30 to Saturday, June 20, 2020.
Spring registration opens on Saturday, February 8, 2020.
Early Childhood Seasonal Classes (Ages 12 months to 4 years) operate on a flexible seasonal schedule and include drop-in and child and caregiver classes. Each class offers an introduction to body, movement and social play, appropriate to the developmental stage of the child. View Schedule & Register
Spring 2020 Semester
(Drop-Off Movement and 5+ years)

Monday, January 27 to Saturday, June 20, 2020.
Our Semester Youth Classes (Ages 5-18) and Drop-Off Movement Classes (Ages 3-5), offer students an extensive class experience with their teachers and peers with an emphasis on strengthening their skills as improvisers and creators. Each of our creative movement, dance, theater and tumbling disciplines offer multiple levels with increasing technical and creative skills as children age.View Schedule Open registration begins on Saturday, January 4, 2020!

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Please reference the class ages when determining suitability for your child. When multiple classes are available for your child’s age group, we recommend taking their prior experience, interest, and age relative to other students into consideration. Many BAX classes overlap by ages, e.g. Ages 5-6 years, Ages 6-8 years, Ages 7-9 years, and so on. A family should consider previous class/discipline experience(s), age, and maturity of a child when selecting the best class.

For example, if a 6-year-old child has never taken dance before and/or might benefit from being the oldest in the class and feeling more confident (like a leader), they should go to the Ages 5-6 years class instead of the Ages 6-8 years, where they'll be the youngest. If, however, a child benefits from being mentored by peers, feeling challenged, and being around more mature students, they should opt for the older class.
Some BAX classes require prerequisite experience. For additional guidance about how to navigate BAX classes, and to confirm if your child has the correct prerequisites, please visit youth.bax.org/classes or contact us at info@bax.org.
Dance Performance Workshop (DPW) and AcroBAX are by invitation only and require prior experience, specifically proficient technical,
collaborative, improvisational and performance skills. These classes are a one year commitment. Prerequisite classes require that students have equivalent technical skills; new students must confirm eligibility. Please call for more information.

DanceBAX Dance is rooted in modern dance traditions and uses concepts, imagery, form and rhythm to progress students technical and creative skills. Composition and choreography are vehicles for self-discovery, while collaborative partner and group work create a dynamic community in the studio…Click HERE for specific class descriptions
Drama/TheaterBAX Theater capitalizes on the strong movement tradition at BAX, developing and harnessing the physicality that makes for a dynamic theater artist. Our theater classes build vocal, movement and improvisational skills through technique exercises, storytelling and creative games…Click HERE for specific class descriptions.
Tumbling/AcroDanceBAX Tumbling/AcroDance ground itself in strong gymnastics and partner acrobatic techniques, also drawing on BAX’s movement-focused approach. BAX tumbling incorporates elements of yoga, dance and composition engaging students in explorations of time, space, shape and form to discover new possibilities in tumbling and movement…Click HERE for specific class descriptions.
Early ChildhoodBAX’s Early Childhood Program offers developing toddlers and pre-schoolers creative programming taught by professional and nurturing instructors. Drawing from dance, yoga, and gymnastics, classes introduce children to body movement, group social dynamics, and creative choice-making. Offering drop-in, caregiver, and drop-off classes, children and family can explore creative expression and group space in a range of different class structures...Click HERE for specific class descriptions.
Performance Workshops & Youth CompaniesOur progression of youth dance, theater and tumbling classes culminate in a series of truly exceptional programs for our most motivated senior students (ages 9-18). These programs offer young artists opportunities to deepen their practice as performers, creators and collaborators in their chosen discipline and, uniquely, develop and direct original work for performance...Click HERE for specific workshop/company descriptions.