About BAX Arts in Education Programs

To further realize BAX’s original mission as a professional community arts provider, education extends beyond our walls through our Arts in Education Programs. We provide movement/theater and related residencies in public, private, nursery and charter schools for grades Pre K-12th. These programs embody our commitment to develop each student as a young artist, and to provide high quality performing arts education, tailor-made for each school community. Choose from a variety of residency periods (ranging anywhere from 1 week to a full year) to fit what your school needs.

Our Arts in Education programming is built to be a vehicle of accessibility to public schools, offering a wide range of customized residency programs in Dance, Theater,  & Creative Movement. Rather than coming into schools with a set curriculum, we create programs around each specific school, building off the foundation of our Core Teaching and Learning Values:

“Nearly every teacher in our school would be pleased if a BAX teaching artist were part of their educational team every day of the school year and truly appreciate the depth of the relationship and its value to their teaching practice.”
-Anna Allanbrook, Principal, Brooklyn New School

“Although all my students are counting down until show time, I believe the best part of this program is the process. I stood by and watched my students transform in a mere few weeks. I saw leaders emerge, students work with students they normally won’t work with, shy students sharing their ideas, and students working in communities. It allowed each student the opportunity to belong!”
-Ms. Trapp, PS 115



Public School Partnerships

Teaching partnership — classroom teacher & teaching artist
Curriculum development — theater & dance in the core curriculum
Professional Development — real skills for real schools

We provide over 3,000 students in Brooklyn schools with Arts Education services, and bring eighteen years of arts education experience to each school, whether long-time or new partners. We provide distinct, skill-based classes as well as expressive, creative “art-making” in performing arts based disciplines. Residencies can culminate with public performance at the school for other students, teachers, families, and the extended school community.

BAX presents an added dimension of expression to our students. The teaching artist nurtures student voice by encouraging expression as they work with space, movement and music. The result is an innovative and engaging addition to the school day!

– Rose Dubitsky, Principal, P.S. 24

Currently, we have programs at:

The Brooklyn New School (BNS) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Brooklyn School for Collaborative Studies (BCS) in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn
Academy of Arts and Letters in Fort Greene, Brooklyn
P.S. 24 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
P.S. 172 in Sunset Park, Brooklyn
P.S. 39 in Park Slope, Brooklyn
P.S. 154 in Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn

Past Partnerships also Include:

The Academy of Talented Scholars, P.S. 682
The Brooklyn School of Inquiry
P.S. 115 in Canarsie, Brooklyn
P.S. 29 in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

BAX is a contracted vendor with the NYC Department of Education. All our residencies address many of the NYS Learning Standards and the Blue Print benchmarks.

Tailored residencies and after-school workshops of different lengths and frequencies are available for purchase. Professional development and family workshops can also be arranged. For more information, please contact Lucia Scheckner, Education Director, at Lucia@bax.org or (718) 832-0018.

These programs have been recognized and funded by The New York State Council on the Arts, The Empire State Partnership, NYC Department of Cultural Affairs, the Bay and Paul Foundation, the Brenner Family Foundation, Center for Arts Education, 21st Century After School Program, Federal ESL grants, New York Foundation for the Arts, Met Life Foundation, Astoria Federal Savings as well as other local banks and legislators.



Pre-School Partnerships

We offer tailored movement/theater programs to Brooklyn pre-schools and day care centers. Each class is designed to match each site’s unique needs and can accommodate any age group, size or curriculum requirements. We have an extensive roster of professional teaching artists who are dedicated to arts education. Classes take place at the partner’s site or BAX, and can be scheduled for one semester or the entire school year. Special one-day “trips” can also be arranged. Pre-schools and other centers interested in adding a BAX program to your curriculum, please contact Lucia Scheckner, Education Director, at Lucia@bax.org or (718) 832-0018.

We currently provide movement programs to:

Brooklyn Free Space

Past Partnerships Include:

Luria Academy
The Rivendell School
Young Minds Day Care Center
International School of Brooklyn

For the past several years, these schools have found our programs to be an integral part of their programming and a special highlight for their students.

This class brings a fresh take on curriculum. Learning the alphabet using your body, tying dance into storytelling… these classes build confidence in children who learn in a variety of different ways… an environment of exploration… dynamic, uplifting, motivating!

Teresa, Teacher from Children’s House



Brooklyn New School (BNS) –  4th Grade Musical

The arts partnership between BAX and BNS is over 20 years old. Theater artist, Jose Joaquin Garcia, and dancer and choreographer, Donna Costello are the two longstanding BAX teaching artists-in-residence. Together, Jose and Donna offer theater and dance programming to all of the Kindergarten through 5th grade students, building voice, body and performance skills as well as creativity through improvisation and performance experiences. As part of the BAX residency at BNS, it has become tradition for the fourth grade students to participate in an original stage performance called the “Fourth Grade Musical.” Building off the past three years of their BAX residency experience, students participate in a highly creative and collaborative artistic experience. Along with BNS’ music teacher, Jonathan Hardy, BAX Teaching Artists, students, and classroom teachers, work together to create an original musical each year that includes a range of song, dance, poetry, and performances. A beloved tradition, the BNS musical not only promises a great show, but creates an opportunity where risk-taking is supported and both personal and community goals are achieved.