Early Childhood Class Schedule

      Online Registration- How To

We recommend (and prefer) that all families register through our online registration system (Active), which includes waivers and detailed information that is required for program participation. If you need to register by phone, you will need to complete and return this paperwork before the program start date. In order to register by phone, you must email info@bax.org to schedule a phone registration appointment.

Class & Tuition Selection 

  1. In Active, select the Tuition Tier at which you would like to register for the class, and then select “Add to Cart.” 
  2. Continue to select Tuition Tiers and “Add to Cart” for all classes for which you are registering. In one cart, you can process registrations for several classes and/or children in the same transaction. 
  3. Once all classes are in your cart, select “Continue” in your Shopping Cart (which is to the far right of your screen).

Account Login & Registration Forms 

  1. Enter your email address. If you already have an Active account with BAX from a Fall 2020 or a School Breaks Registration, please use the same email address. If this is your first time using Active registration, enter the email address you would like to have associated with your online account. 
  2. You will then be prompted to enter your account password, or set up an account password if you are creating a new account. 
  3. For each class, you will be prompted to select the participant from a dropdown menu. If the name of the child you wish to register is not listed, select “Register a New Person” and enter their name, date of birth, and grade for the 2020/2021 School Year. 
  4. For each individual child, you will then be prompted to complete a registration form which includes demographic information and a photo/media release form. Active will save your answers to these questions and for subsequent registrations, you will be prompted to review the information to see if anything needs to be updated. 
  5. Next, you will fill out contact information for at least one parent/guardian. 
  6. You will then be prompted to review and sign off on three waivers: an Active Agreement and Waiver, a BAX General Release Form and Waiver, and BAX’s Payment & Refund Policies. 

Review Cart & Checkout 

  1. Review your order details including tuition tier selections and any discounts. Registration and Processing fees will automatically apply to your cart (see details below)
  2. Select your Payment Options. You can choose to pay in full or enroll in a payment plan. 
    1. Should you enroll in a payment plan, you will be automatically billed on the dates listed. 
  3. Enter your Credit Card or Echeck information and confirm your billing address. 
  4. Select “COMPLETE” to finalize your registration. 
  5. You will then receive an email confirmation and receipt via email.

      Tuition Fees & Discounts

Term (11 week) Tuition TiersTier One - Full Price: $275 ($25/class)
Tier Two: $220 ($20/class)
Tier Three: $165($15/class)
Playspace Tauition TiersTier One - Full Price: $22.50/class
Tier Two: $17.50/class
Tier Three: $12.50/class

Tiered Tuition: BAX is committed to offering high-quality and accessible arts programs for all. As such, each term’s tuition is priced at three tiers, which includes sliding scale tuition of up to 40% subsidy so that each family can assess the tuition price that works best for their household. This is based on an honor system of your-expressed-need (we do not require financial documentation). By paying what you are able, you help us better meet the needs of other families. Registration is taken on a first come, first serve basis, and half of the tuition must be received to secure a spot.

Active Processing Fee: Registrations through Active, our online registration system, include a non-refundable per registration processing fee of $2.50 (for registrations less than $125) or $5.94 (for registrations $125 and above). This per registration fee replaces our $35 Annual registration fee for term registrations (not year-long workshops*). Credit Card processing fees are paid by BAX and we encourage you to use e-checks when possible as they incur lower fees. 

Annual Performance Workshop Registration Fee: Families enrolling in our year-long performance workshop programs (DPW or AcroBAX) will be charged a $30 flat rate (previously $35) annual registration fee per family in addition to the Active registration fee of $5.95. 

Playspace Package Discount: If families register for 8 Playspace Drop In classes during a single term, they will automatically receive a discount of 13% which is approximately the cost of one class – Register for 8 classes and receive 1 class free! 

Family Value Discount: Families who register another sibling in the same term or register their child for a second class receive 5% off. This discount will be applied to the lowest cost class.

      Payments & Policies

Payment Policy: Families have the option of paying in full at the time of registration or paying a deposit of 50% and enrolling in a payment plan that will be autobilled. Payment deadlines are listed below:

  • Deposit + 1 installment (due 10/21/2020, 4th week of classes)
  • Deposit + 2 installments (due 10/14/2020, 3rd week of classes and 11/4/2020, 6th week of classes)

Drop In Classes (Playspace): Payment is due in full at the time of registration. 

Refund Policy: After the 4th week of the term (halfway mark), refunds will not be issued. If circumstances require a family to drop a class after the 4th week, a prorated credit for future programming will be issued. 

Make Up Classes: Families can participate in 1 make up class per 8 week term. To schedule a make up class, please email info@bax.org

Prorated Tuition: Provided space is available in the class, prorated tuition will be available to families joining later in the term. To inquire about joining a class after the term has begun, please email info@bax.org

Playspace is a playful and social monthly event series that engages families in creative activities including music & singing, movement, and storytime, which bring seasonal themes to life! Facilitated by two beloved BAX Teaching Artists, Ariel Blake and Jessica Lee. Playspace is geared towards ages 1-4 with Caregiver.