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2021 Summer Arts Program Staff


Program Staff

PhotoName & Bio
AndrewAndrew Jannetti he/him (Director of Summer Arts Program and Mega Group Leader)

Andrew is based in NYC and has a distinguished career as a choreographer, dancer, educator, fitness instructor, and producer. His passion is dancing and teaching dance to students of all ages. When he is not teaching , he can be found in dance class, swimming, or working out at the gym or on the roof as circumstances permit. Aside from running the Summer Arts Program at BAX, his favorite part of summer is going to the beach and traveling to Italy and/or Cape Cod.

IMG_3927Steph Miller she/her (Nano Group Leader) 

Steph is an actor, theatermaker, and arts educator. She's been a teaching artist at BAX since 2016 and started as a Group Leader in 2014! Steph loves to teach young artists how to collaborate and tell stories by working together. She gets excited about colorful sunsets, dancing to the oldies, reading big books, and making silly faces. This summer, Steph hopes to see tons of outdoor theater and eat ice cream in the park! 

Lucia Scheckner she/her (BAX Director of Education and Artist Programs)

Lucia is an arts educator, administrator, and theater dramaturg interested in the ways stories bring people together and inspire new ways to imagine the world. Lucia is mom to an active six & three year old. In the summer, they love to swim, swing, bike-ride, and take adventures in nature. Their favorite summer foods include fresh produce from the garden and BBQs with friends & family, especially their grandparents’ big German Shepherd, Charlie!


Photograph by Bridget Badore

Ashley Thaxton-Stevenson she/her (BAX Senior Manager of Education Programs)

Ashley is a theater maker, educator, and arts administrator, who has been with BAX's Education Department since spring 2018 (and was a Group Leader at BAX in Summer 2013). Outside of her work at BAX she teaches acting, bakes pies, and loves reading long books. Her favorite things about summer are beach days, spending time with friends in the park, and eating popsicles!

Audrey Summer Headshot

Audrey Thao Berger she/her (BAX Summer Education Assistant)

Audrey is a dance artist, movement-based teaching artist, and arts administrator. She was born-and-raised in San Francisco, California, which is where her love for the ocean stemmed from. Amongst many other things, Audrey finds joy from reading, journaling, hiking, and eating good food with friends and family.

Arts Specialists 

Photo Name & Bio
Dani Criss_Patricia Naveed_Dumbo Waterfront _New York City_2021-03-14 300pm_1615953473_recTt2eKKe6sqlBWA_133_13Dani Criss she/her (Nano Dance Specialist)

Dani Criss is a cultural arts educator, dance artist and scholar! She has been a member of the BAX community since 2017! She teaches various dance styles and histories of the African Diaspora and enjoys teaching movers of all ages. Other than dancing, Dani enjoys reading, napping, candy, and traveling. Her 2021 Summer goal is to spread her Pisces energy near a body of water.
IMG_2922Diane Tomasi she/her (Nano Tumbling Specialist)

Diane is a queer cis white artist who performs on the ground and in the air, as a dancer and aerialist. She began as a gymnast at the young age of 2, later began to dance, and was then introduced to aerial through an inclusive, abled/disabled body workshop with Blue-Eyed Soul Dance Company in the UK. She is interested in the immense confidence and joy that can be attained through vulnerability and moving the body in new ways. 
Emily puppetEmily Batsford she/her (Mega Drama Specialist)

Emily is an actor, puppeteer, and arts educator. In addition to her theatrical work, she produces and hosts The Power Up Podcast, where she interviews guests about their super powers! She has two snuggly little dogs named Izzy and Radio at her home in Brooklyn. Emily is excited to get silly and creative together this Summer... how about you??

José Joaquín García he/him (Nano Music Specialist)
Photo and bio coming soon! 

KelindahHeadshot2Kelindah Schuster they/them (Nano Visual Arts Specialist)

Kelindah is a drag performer, teaching artist, and arts producer and has been creating art at BAX since the summer of 2015! Kelindah is a Leo and grew up in sunny Southeast Asia so summer is their favorite season to soak up sunshine, swim with pals, play games at picnics and dance outdoors! They love to create with recycled materials and collaborate with fellow artists to connect, image new worlds, and build them with our artmaking. 
IMG_4578Maira Duarte she/her (Mega Tumbling and Dance Specialist)

Maira is a dancer, educator and organizer born and raised in Mexico. She is obsessed with questions about trash such as: how did that get there, and where is it going to end? Maira has a vivid imagination and loves to create fun costumes and dance with them in the streets and parks of New York.

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