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Started in 1991, YOUTHWORKS is a yearly opportunity for young people (ages 7- 18) to imagine, create, and perform their own original performance work at BAX.
Year after year we are amazed at the journey these young artists go through from orientation to performance. Artists come in from all over the City, most with nothing more than the desire to create “something,” and set themselves to work.

These pages chronicle the 2010 Youthworks experience.

“It’s a very unique opportunity for kids to exert artistic authority
in realizing their own ideas and work in a larger community with mentor artists.”

-Youthworks 2010 Parent

The story opens with the Orientation, continues with the Process, and culminates in the Performance. There is a link at the bottom of each page that guides viewers to the next step in the journey. However, you can choose your navigational path by simply clicking on any of the options along the left side of each page of the webumentary.
Also, each section of the Orientation and Process pages allows you to comment on what you’ve seen. These comments will be moderated by BAX staff so as to filter out spam and inappropriate comments. We invite our audience to simply share with us what they experienced as they witnessed the Youthworks experience. After all, these young artists have worked very hard and come very far this and every Youthworks season.

Now sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

This year’s young artists came from a variety of schools across the New York City area.

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Not only were these young artists from all over New York City, there was also a wide range of ages. Mia (6) gathered her entire family to perform a play she wrote, called Strawberry Land. Elena (8) choreographed a solo dance. Julian (10) created a comedic murder mystery that required audience participation. Sisters, Lena (9) and Eliet (6) worked together to create two performance pieces – one that included Lena’s poetry. Youthworks veteran, Jacob (12) wrote and directed a screenplay that starred Che (12) and Henry (12). Christina (16) and Melissa (16) rounded out our group of young artists with a dance medley.