President’s Week and Spring Break Arts Program

For children currently enrolled in grades Kindergarten – 5th
Sign-up for a day or for a week!


President’s Week Arts Program (PWAP):
Monday, February 16- Friday, February 20, 2015

Spring Break Arts Program (SBAP):
Monday, April 6-Friday, April 10, 2015

Families can register by day or for the full week and are assigned to one of two groups: the Nano BAXers (Kindergarten to 2nd grade) and the Mega/Giga BAXers (2nd grade to 5th grade). Each group has up to 30 children and is staffed by one Group Leader, one Senior Counselor, and two Junior Counselors.

Each day the Nano BAXers and Mega/Giga BAXers explore a theme through various performing arts and visual arts activities. There is one morning workshop, facilitated by a Specialist, as well as various group led activities and creative play time. During the afternoon, there is a second Specialist Workshop and a culminating, informal, community share between the groups.

Themes include: Heroes, Going Green, Futurama, Wacky Weather, Make Believe Places, Rain Forrest, Transportation, Water Wonderland, Crazy Creatures, and more!

Specialty Workshops include: tumbling, musical theater and drama, circus arts, dance, and music.

About BAX Specialties

Drawing on BAX’s year-round education programs, our School Breaks Arts Program provides expert instruction in a range of specialties, including dance, tumbling, and theater, with an emphasis on cultivating creative expression. Working with professional artists in a playful environment, participants explore the performing arts as creators, performers, and audience-members, developing improvisation, performance, and collaborative skills.


BAX theater workshops are visceral experiences that encourage dynamic theater artists. Young actors will unleash their imaginations while learning to use their voices and bodies and work collaboratively through improvisational theater games and storytelling.


In these lively and action packed dance sessions, young movers use their bodies and imaginations to create their own movement and explore a variety of dance traditions that include modern, hip hop, ballet, jazz, acro, and more.


Tumbling at BAX integrates a number of physical skills and movement techniques from yoga, modern dance, gymnastics, and acrobatics. Tumblers learn fun and basic skills, including cart-wheels and roundoffs, head and hand stands, and sequences of rolling and flipping. Tumble Movers will be topsy-turvy and upside-down!


A twist on traditional musical theater, young performers will explore vocal techniques and instruments, music and song-making, staging and physicality. They will take turns playing various artistic roles and drawing on different styles throughout the creative process. These young artists are sure to find their own voices along the way.


Welcome to the Big Top! In these fun and creative circus sessions, these young ringmasters will learn basic circus skills, from juggling to stilt-walking, that will push them to build balance, precision and strength. Participants will work independently and collaboratively to establish their own unique circus and performance style!