School Breaks Arts Programs


Our School Breaks Arts Programs offer enriching and fun opportunities for young students during their time away from school. The President’s Week, Spring Break and Summer Arts Programs foster creativity, encourage exploration, and provide a positive and nurturing environment. Drawing on BAX’s year-round education programs, with experienced teaching specialists, students explore different forms of art and performance (including circus, dance, music, theater, tumbling, media and visual arts), while balancing fun creative play activities throughout the day/week.

Led by Program Director, Andrew Jannetti, our staff and specialists are dedicated to providing a vibrant learning environment for every participant. Students in grades K-5 can participate in the President Week and Spring Break Arts Programs, while the Summer Arts Program is for students entering grades K-6. No special talent or experience is required of participants. Students come in with all levels of skill and interest in any given discipline and experience the exhilaration of being an artist!

President’s Week: Feb. 16-20
Spring Break Arts Program: April 6-10
Summer Arts Program: June 29-August 14

Program Staff:

The School Breaks Arts Program is run by season staff, including a Group Leader and Senior and Junior Counselors. Professional Arts Specialists facilitate daily specialty workshop activities. School Breaks Staff attend a mandatory BAX training program. The program is overseen by the School Breaks Director and Education Department staff:

Andrew Jannetti School Breaks Director
Lucia Scheckner Education Director
Joie Golomb Education Manager
Donna Costello (SBAP trainer) Education Programs
Consultant and Lead Facilitator


How it Works:

No particular talent or experience necessary. We welcome all curious and creative students!

  • Drop off begins at 8:30am
  • Program runs from 9:00am-3:00pm
  • Optional Extended Day runs from 3:00-5:45pm

Students bring their own lunch. BAX supplies two healthy snacks a day.
Summer Arts Program students receive a BAX t-shirt and go the nearby JJ Byrne park for lunch and outdoor play.

Summer Week-end Performances & Galleries

At the end of the week, each group will have an opportunity to showcase the work, projects, and creations that they have developed during the week. We invite family members or your child’s caretaker to attend these showings.

NanoBAXers Gallery (Studio A & B) – ​Thursday at 2:30pm
MegaBAXers Gallery (Theater) – ​Friday at 2:30pm
GigaBAXers Gallery (​Theater​) – ​Friday at ​5:15​pm

Note: Week 1 Gallery for NanoBAXers will be Wednesday, July 1 @ 2:30, Mega and GigaBAXer Galleries will be on Thursday, July 2 @ 2:30pm

Extended Day:

We offer Extended Day Programming to families who prefer a later pick up. During the Extended Day Period, participants will continue to engage in exciting and collaborative arts-based activities!

  • Half-time: 3:00-4:45- $10 per day/per child if arranged and paid for in advance. $15 per day/per child if arranged and paid for day of.
  • Full-time: 3:00-5:45- $15 per day/per child if arranged and paid for in advance. $20 per day/per child if arranged and paid for day of.

What Parents Are Saying:

“Last summer we only did one week of BAX camp and a few other weeks at another camp. This year BAX was the ONLY camp my girls wanted to do and wished that they had signed up for more than two sessions! Thanks for putting together such a quality program and delivering it with such enthusiasm and excitement!”

“Jack comes home every day and recites what he learned that day. He’s really engaged!”

“I was so impressed by the variety of media my daughter has been exposed to. She also has retained a lot of knowledge about recycling and plastic pollution!”

“Both my children loved their week at BAX, but my son Elliott had a particularly special experience. He wept on his last day; hugging counselors and crying. He did not want to leave. On the car ride home he continued to sob, clutching the BAX brochure to his chest and whimpering, “BAX. BAX. Milo. Milo.” Clearly the BAX Summer Program made a lasting impression. Amazing. Thank You.”

“The circus feats were quite unusual and remarkable. I’d love to see them all again. The tumbling was also very popular with my daughter.”

“The diversity of creative programming exposes my daughter to the arts in a way that invites participation and imagination. My daughter has learned a great deal of information although it is presented as pure fun. She appreciates the information that is conveyed in a way that does not undermine her intellect and it, in fact, engenders her creative growth and confidence.”