Financial Aid

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Since 1991, BAX has been committed to offering financial assistance for all of our education programs. No student is turned away based on the inability to pay. Approximately 25% of the student population receives some level of financial assistance. In 2016, BAX established the Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund, with a robust goal to raise $100,000 thereby doubling BAX’s financial assistance support.  The Fund is established in memory of Dani Nikas, one of BAX’s earliest teaching artists who died in 2001.

BAX provides financial assistance in the form of subsidies and/or installment plans and on a more limited basis, full financial assistance.

Subsidized Installment Plans

To apply for subsidized tuition or to request an extended installment plan, please select the appropriate form below, complete and return to BAX. Generally, we are able to provide a maximum of a 75% subsidy for Youth Classes and a 25% subsidy for the School Breaks and Summer Arts Programs. Families applying for financial aid are asked to select the subsidy level they need, provide basic financial information, and briefly explain their family and financial circumstances. Financial aid applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and there is no one factor that disqualifies families from receiving financial assistance.

Families wishing to receive financial assistance must submit a new application for financial aid each time they register a student for class. If you are re-registering a student in class they currently take, and if none of your financial information has changed, you may complete an application for extension of financial assistance in lieu of a new application.

Financial aid families are periodically asked to volunteer for projects, bake sales, and special events.

Click on the links below to download the financial aid application for the program your family is interested in:

Youth Classes Financial Aid Application (After School and Saturday Classes)

School Breaks Financial Aid Application (President’s Week/Spring Break Arts Program and Spring Break Master Classes)

Summer Arts Program Financial Aid Application

Full Financial Assistance

If you would like to apply for full financial assistance, please fill out the appropriate financial aid form for the program of interest  (see above) and with it include a thoughtful, detailed letter that clearly addresses the following information:

  • Reasons for full assistance at this time (income, dependents, medical bills, etc.)
  • Your child’s interest in the performing arts
  • Why BAX?
  • Commitment to the class(es) that your child is planning to take (attendance, participation, etc.)
  • How BAX fits in with your life and other extracurricular activities

Please note that the number of full financial assistance awarded each year does vary depending on funding.  Please submit all your materials together when registering for classes at the beginning of the trimester as usual. You will be contacted in regard to the status of your application within 10 days of your submission.

Please feel free to contact Casey Hayes-Deats, Education Manager, at or 718.832.0018 with any questions.

Donate to the Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund 

If you would like to make a contribution towards financial assistance, please contact Vanessa Adato, Managing Director, at or (718) 832-0018 or visit


BAX celebrates its 25th anniversary with the launch of a new initiative: The Dani Nikas Opportunity Fund that will double the amount of our scholarships that support young artists to $100,000.

Dani Athena Nikas was a dancer, choreographer, and a treasured BAX faculty member. Before she died in 2001 she spoke passionately about how important dance and young people were to her. Dani provided a truly meaningful learning process for her students that went far beyond dance. Totally in sync with BAX values, she incorporated politics, relationships, history and spirituality throughout her life and work. She was an inspiration to her colleagues, her students and her friends. She would be very proud and honored to know that part of her legacy lives on and would be especially pleased to know that financial hardship would not be an obstacle.

At BAX, and with Dani as our inspiration, we are committed to raising a generation of people who are unafraid to ask tough questions about race, class, gender, identity and justice and create boldly. And we need them to do so with understanding, with complexity, with openness, and with love. That is what drives us all at BAX. So for us — and we hope for you — it all starts with supporting young artists.