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Capitalizing on the strong movement tradition at BAX, our approach to theater is visceral, developing, and harnessing the physical risk taking that makes for a dynamic theater artist. Our theater classes build vocal, movement, and improvisational skills through technique exercises, storytelling, and creative games. In an imaginative environment, each class taps into the joy of creating independently and collaboratively as they develop compositional skills. Time is carved out of the creative process to reflect and articulate what the students see and identify the choices that were made. As the young artist progresses, the classes introduce playwriting, directing, and design.

Our teaching artists draw on their experience in the field as actors, singers, directors, and playwrights to draw out each student’s unique expression while strengthening her/his technique, adapted as appropriate to the age and skill level in the room. Our intentionally stripped down style encourages students to uncover their individual voices and discover the ways that theater can transform. At BAX, we believe theater is a unique medium for building individual and social awareness.

Drama/Theater Classes

Drama Rama
(Ages 5-6)
In this playful setting, young students explore creative dramatics and working collaboratively as a group. Students explore the use of costumes, props, and storytelling, while exercising creative thinking both independently and in partners. Students will use their body and voice in each class as they develop characters and participate in improvisational theater games. Each class consists of physical and vocal warm ups, and theater games. Students engage in the fun and collaborative process of learning through experience, which builds skills in listening, responding, creativity, problem solving, risk taking, and group awareness.View Schedule & Register
Drama II
(Ages 6-8)
In Drama II, Students will participate in a more structured environment and participate in vocal and physical warm ups to build on the control of both body and voice to deepen the process of developing a character. Students build on basic theater skills through creative games and improvisations, which help to build confidence, self-control, and collaborative skills. Developing a scene, following stage direction and using theater terminology are introduced in this imaginative class.View Schedule & Register
Drama III
(Ages 8-10)
Building on the foundation of Drama Rama and Drama II, students begin to hone the development of character and scene through body and voice techniques. Students work on the arc of dramatic sequence, while practicing improvisation, partner-work, and ensemble building. In a supportive and communal environment, this class promotes participatory engagement, creative problem solving, and artistic voice. Students expand their knowledge of theater concepts and vocabulary and work towards creating original material. View Schedule & Register
Drama IV
(Ages 10-13)
The class explores monologues, dialogues, and ensemble work, as well as concepts such as conflict, subtext, and motivation. Students continue to deepen vocal, movement, and improvisational skills through a series of structured exercises that emphasize proper vocal technique, stage movement, interpreting text, and creative thinking within a scene. Students are challenged to expand their acting vocabulary by participating in selected scenes as well as creating original scenes of their own. Students work on short stage performances with and for one another, which are followed by friendly scene studies and analysis.View Schedule & Register
Dance, Act, Sing Musical Theater I
(Ages 7-9) & II (Ages 10+)
For the performer who loves to sing and dance! This playful workshop guides students through the three fundamental facets of musical theater: acting, singing, and dancing. In a relaxed and imaginative environment, students explore all three disciplines and rehearse musical numbers, both score and script, from Broadway favorites to original creations. As students advance, they work on character roles, develop scenes, sing songs, and create choreography independently and in small groups.View Schedule & Register
Physical Theater
(Ages 9-12)
Physical Theater has become an increasing practice in the theater world and is a critical part of actor training. In BAX’s Physical Theater class, students begin a playful exploration of story, scene and ensemble through an embodied exploration of character. Drawing on dance, circus, physical comedy, mime, and gymnastics traditions, this high-energy class will explore characters, environments, and relationships using dynamic movement and physicality. We will ask: What does the character look like? What does the character think about? What does the character want? What is the character's motivation? View Schedule & Register

 Our progression of drama classes culminates in a unique, collaborative, theater-making and performance program for our most motivated senior students (ages 9-18). To learn more about our full-year BAX Theater Company CLICK HERE.