After School Pick Up

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We currently offer an After School Pick Up service from local public schools to BAX. A BAX staff member will meet your child at dismissal time at their school and escort them to the BAX Building for their after school class(es).  Once at BAX, students do homework, draw, and play games while waiting for their class to begin. Though there is no formal organized programming, students are informally supervised by the BAX front desk and education department staff and faculty. It is our utmost priority to ensure the safety of every student, therefore we can only commit to as many after school pick-ups as we have the staff resources to accommodate. We also consider a range of factors including, but not limited to, student age and wait-times at BAX before class when determining the suitability and sustainability of any pick-up arrangement.

2017/18 After School Pick Up Schedule:

This is a tentative schedule contingent on sufficient student enrollment (minimum of 3 students/maximum of 6 students per site). Families are welcome to make requests for schools/days not listed on this schedule, and we will try our best to accommodate, staff resources and student enrollment permitting. With the exception of our long-time partner school PS 146 / BNS, we are only able to serve schools within easy walking distance of BAX.

(at capacity)
(at capacity)
(at capacity)
(at capacity)
PS 146 / BNS
PS 146 / BNSPS 146 / BNS
PS 321 / William Penn
PS 321 / William PennPS 321 / William Penn
PS 118 / Maurice Sendak
PS 118 / Maurice Sendak
PS 39 / Henry BristowPS 39 / Henry BristowPS 39 / Henry Bristow
PS 124 / Silas DutcherPS 124 / Silas Dutcher

(as of 1/23/17)

Request BAX After School Pick-Up by submitting an online APPLICATION.

A pick up is not confirmed until you have received explicit email confirmation and a contract from the Youth Education department. 

BAX will confirm pick-up requests in advance of the start of Fall classes. Participating families will be asked to attend an after school pick-up orientation during the 2017 Fall Open House on Saturday, September 9th from 1:30-2:00pm at BAX. This will be an opportunity to become familiar with the BAX space, meet pick-up staff, learn about our rules and protocols, and more!

2017/18 Pick-Up Rates:

$125 per student per day per semester (ages 5+)

$75 per student per day per trimester (ages 3-5)

(Rates may be adjusted due to special circumstances concerning location of school, etc.)

Financial Aid can be applied to After School Pick-Up services.

After School Pick-Up should be arranged and paid for before the start of a term, and will be for the ENTIRE term, however special arrangements may be provided. Inquire about special arrangements with Casey Hayes-Deats, Education Manager (