BAX Education Philosophy and Core Values

BAX’s overarching mission is to support artists-in-progress. Our Education program encompasses five core values that inform class curriculum, faculty teaching practices and professional development, special events, and festivals. These core values are:

Skill Building– BAX classes teach skills in technique, improvisation, art making and performance while attending to the social and emotional well-being of each student and the class as a whole. Technique and vocabulary are introduced while meeting students “where they are,” in the disciplines of dance, drama, and tumbling.

Creative Choice– BAX cultivates artistic expression by supporting each individual student’s voice and vision.   By creating a platform to explore creative risk-taking and artistry, BAX classes generate and present original material by young artists.

Collaboration– BAX classes create a safe space for students to work independently, in partners and as an ensemble.  BAX classes work to build trust, community, perspective, exploring many entry points into working collaboratively.

Performance- BAX celebrates dance, drama, and tumbling as performing arts and values the opportunity for students to present work in front of an audience. BAX students develop and hone performance skills as well as learn how to observe, reflect, and comment on work.

Community– BAX students, families, and faculty play a vital role in establishing the culture and values of BAX. We champion diversity, awareness of different roles, and perspectives. BAX Youth Education strives to create opportunities for exchange between student, professional artists and the greater community of BAX and beyond.

2013-2014 BAX Professional Development material has been created by BAX Youth Education Department and Donna Costello, BAX Programs Consultant & Professional Development Specialist.