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Welcome to BAX Youth Education!

BAX Youth Arts Education provides expert instruction in building technical skills in dance, tumbling, and theater with an emphasis on cultivating creative expression. Working with professional performing arts faculty, BAX students develop improvisation, original choreography, and performance skills, working independently and in collaboration.

Youth classes embody BAX’s overarching mission to provide the space and support for “artists-in-progress” to explore, hone, and share their unique voice.

Trimester Class Schedule | Spring 2014 | Ages 12 months- 5 years

Semester Class Schedule | Spring 2014 | Ages 5+ years

Trimester Class Schedule | Winter 2014 | Ages 12 months-5 years

To ensure every BAX student a fruitful and rewarding education regardless of financial situation, we offer a variety of financial support through our financial assistance program. Click here to learn more about our scholarship and financial assistance opportunities.